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As of June 1st 2011 all new security professionals must take the Alberta Basic Security Training course ABST.

As of June 1st 2010 for all security personnel to use a baton, a 40 hour Use of Force & Baton Certification course is required.

The Mission

To provide peace officers and security personnel with reality based control tactics and combative survival skills that work as well on the street as they do in the classroom.


The purpose of my Control Tactics and Survival Skills (CTSS) course is to not only meet the minimal legislative requirements for the approved Use of Force mode: but to ensure that officer skill sets in the area of Subject Control Tactics and personnel defense are learnt in a certified methodology that not only complies with the accepted Use of Force model, but actuary provides street level usable techniques to allow the officer to perform in such a manner that the officers and subject's safety is maintained.


Security agencies recognize that Subject Control tactics is a perishable skill set and requires ongoing training.

The Instructor

Shawn Baker

is a 5th degree black belt in Ketto Ryu Ju-Jutsu and has been studying martial arts for 25 years. Shawn is a control tactics instructor for Alberta Justice and is a certified instructor in police defensive tactics, officer safety, ground fighting, and knife defense.


Shawn is one of a few people in Canada to be certified as a Close Quarter Combat Instructor by Gunnery Sergeant Hans Marrero USMC Ret. former Chief hand to hand combat instructor United States Marine Corps. Shawn is a member of I.L.E.E.T.A-International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association and served as a Law Enforcement Officer for over 20 years.


Shawn is certified Use of Force Analyst through the Force Science Institute and also a certified hypnotist through Omni Hypnosis Center in Florida. He uses his knowledge to help people harness the power of the human mind to enhance the physical and mental capabilities of the people he trains.

The CTSS course is a compilation of techniques and skills that I have learned in my many years as a use of force instructor training with world renowned control tactics instructors and my 25 years of experience in the martial arts.


I developed the CTSS use of force course to produce highly trained security professionals.

I truly believe my motto,


“There is no such thing as tough –

only trained and untrained.”


Shawn Baker

Founder / Instructor

Ketto Ryu Combat Ju-Jutsu

In 1986 I started my martial arts training and I received my 1st Degree Black Belt in 1992. Also in 1992 I got my first Law Enforcement job as a Peace Officer for the Summer Village of Seba Beach.


As part of the training I attended the training program at the Solicitor General Staff College which 1 week was for control tactics and self- defense. I remember being very disappointed in the control tactics I learned. The techniques taught were very basic and if any level of resistance were applied they were useless. The instructor would cover up this lack of control by saying “Things go down differently in the street. If something doesn’t work you just do what you have to do to survive.”


I knew that I knew a lot more than the instructor so I approached the department head of the training department and showed him the skills and reality based techniques I learned. I eventually became the Control Tactics Instructor at the Solicitor General Staff College and began teaching the skills and techniques I knew worked well even if the bad guy offered a lot of resistance. To this day I still train and certify Peace Officers in reality based self- defense control tactics and officer safety.


When the Government of Alberta started to regulate the security industry with respect to training, I saw this as an opportunity to train security officers . The general public and even unfortunately some law enforcement officers see security officers as untrained and uneducated. This attitude causes people to challenge a security officers authority more that if they were dealing with a police officer. I have trained security officers who do more physical arrests in a month than a police officer does in a year. I know security officers are more likely to be attacked by weapons than a police officer would.

Control Tactics and Survival Skills (CTSS)

The Training

Alberta Solicitor General Certified Training

As of June 1st 2011 all new security professionals must take the Alberta Basic Security Training course ABST.


As of June 1st 2010 for all security personnel to use a baton, a 40 hour Use of Force & Baton Certification course is required

Training Module CTSS PPCT
Cooperative Handcuffing Standing Yes Yes
Cooperative Handcuffing Kneeling Yes Yes
Cooperative Handcuffing Prone Yes Yes
Handcuffing - Overcoming Moderate Resistance Yes Yes
Handcuffing Uncooperative Highly Combative Yes No
Blocking Single Strikes Yes Yes
Blocking Multiple Strikes Yes No
Hand verses Knife Defense Yes No
Baton verses Knife Defense Yes No
Joint Locks Yes Yes
Closed Baton Techniques Yes Yes
Pain Compliance Control with Closed Baton Yes No
Pressure Points Yes Yes
Weapon Retention Yes Yes
Striking Technics Yes Yes
Ground Fighting Yes No

Taught a Predator Mindset

How to win a confrontation whether it be by using verbal or physical tactics. Winning hostile confrontations by attacking first and knowing how to initial Control Tactics Survival Skills.

Law Enforcement Tools & Tactics

Taught when and how to use your law enforcement tools and techniques to safely and effectively control a subjects behavior, within the specified Use Of Force Models.

Combat Fitness Skills

Real world confrontations are typically high intensity and low duration events. Combat Fitness trains the body to be prepared for the explosive speed and power requirements needed to prevail.

Developed Confidence with Training

Our reality based techniques are extremely effective and easy to learn, which produce graduates that are highly capable and extremely confident with their skills.

The Courses

Reality Based Personal Defense Training Solutions for your Business/Agency

Alberta Solicitor General Certified

CTSS Training


The CTSS program is a compilation of techniques and Skills that Shawn Baker a traditional martial arts master of over 25 years, has learned from training with use of force experts from all over the world, his many years of experience as a Law Enforcement Officer and as an Officer Safety Instructor for Alberta Justice This course is a total of 40 hours in duration.


The content of the course includes officer safety and subject control tactics concepts mainly identified by PPCT Management Inc/Warrior Science Group and includes a reality based Knife Defense Program.


It also includes a reality-based self-defense from a subject control tactics system called intercept Stabilize and Resolve(ISR).The course will also include ground fighting techniques from the martial art of Ju-Jutsu adapted for use by Law Enforcement Offices and Security Professionals. All these techniques have been adapted to be used in real world confrontations.

CTSS Instructor


Do you have the desire to teach people reality-based control tactics? Do you want to earn money teaching and certifying Peace Officers and Security Professionals in use of force ?


The first step in becoming a CTSS Instructor is acceptance and completion of this course. When you complete the CTSS Instructor Course, you will be able to certify officers in the only Solicitor General approved use of force course for Peace Officers and Security Professionals other than PPCT.


Not everyone who applies to take this Instructor course will be accepted. If you have experience teaching control tactics, combat sports, or martial arts that would be an asset.


The other path to CTSS instructor would be to certify in the basic CTSS and then help instruct two full CTSS courses. If you have a desire to teach reality-based arrest and control and self defense, then we want to hear from you.

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Alberta's first approved "Use of Force" training program

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